mindshift - moving cyber awareness up a gear
We care about the cyber safety of New Zealanders and their information online.
We help businesses reduce cyber risk introduced through the things people do, or don’t do.

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Awareness is a human solution to a human problem

Cyber awareness is the information people need to make good cyber decisions.

Awareness is not a technical solution - it’s a human solution needing clever collaboration and communication – it’s much more than just training. When we develop cyber awareness programmes, we focus on people, and how we can engage them in entertaining ways. We believe it’s the important things, made simple, told in an inspiring way which have the biggest impact.

We want people to learn about how to keep themselves, and the businesses they work with, cyber safe. We believe people will only do this when the ways they learn are exciting to them and therefore memorable.

Our end goal is to help businesses build a cyber aware culture where cyber behaviours come naturally and security is made easy for people.

Who we are

Mike Stoodley and Melonie Cole are the
co-founders and doers of mindshift.

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Mike Stoodley

I’ve been a cyber security engineer, manager, and consultant for 20 years. It amazes me that we don’t trust our people and think that throwing technology at problems will solve them. Imagine if we invested all that time and effort into our staff. I want to turn around the blame culture and see what people can do when given the right opportunity.

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Melonie Cole

I’m a versatile and experienced awareness specialist, strongly focused on building relationships and work which stand the test of time. I have a real interest in how people adapt their behaviour as a result of inspirational, clever communication. When it comes to cyber security, I believe people are the strongest defence, not the weakest.

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Why your business should be cyber aware

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Some form of cyber awareness is essential, not a luxury, for all businesses in New Zealand.

  • There’s a high chance your business will experience a cyber breach because your people don’t know how to behave securely online.

  • People are targets for cyber criminals

  • People are vulnerable – we’re only human after all

  • People are not sure how to manage sensitive information